I love to paint. I love to read daily painting blogs - but never contribute... because I simply don't have the time to paint daily!

So - I decided: when I get A Chance to Paint, I will share and hopefully improve following comments and advice from others!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Portrait - Katie B

For the first time I created a grisaille before even thinking of colour and what a difference it made when painting! 

I'm pretty pleased with this one. However, I'm never sure about the hair. The mid tone is ok I think (burnt sienna and sap green) but the highlights aren't great. Maybe the brush I'm using. I never feel happy with hair!

The background is always a tricky one too. Blue seems ok here - recedes I think. Could that be better too? Probably. 


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Need to Use Oils

I love painting portraits -but I think using acrylics is limiting. Edges are too hard and blending is tough... time to make a change?


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Before the Storm - Landscape

I've been looking at Barry Hilton's work and love the mood he creates in his paintings.

This one has made it onto the wall at home. It's awaiting a varnish. 


What Will Follow...

My aim is to post my paintings as they come - maybe work in progress too. I will reference artists who are influencing my work.

I'll be honest, I'm very nervous about sharing like this... but I do want to improve! So - off we go!